Focus: Total Giovanni

To put it simply, Total Giovanni are unique. You’ll be hearing a lot more from these dudes in the coming months. Made up of 5 blokes from Melbourne, Total Giovanni have amassed a cult like following which is quickly growing. With their wacky costumes and disco inspired music, they’re easily one of the most entertaining live acts going around. After witnessing their majesty at Secret Garden, we tagged along with them for a day ahead of their first *very sold out* Sydney show at Good God Smallclub.

The band has only been playing live for 18 months, their shows selling out since playing at the Golden Plains festival in March. Their most loved song is definitely Can’t Control My Love, which achieves what the band sets out to do; make the crowd dance. Bringing back the performance to performing artist - if you're heading to Splendour make sure you catch their set. Get around these guys stat, otherwise you won't be able to say "I  witnessed the short shorts before they were big".