On an otherwise calm Wednesday night we headed along to Matt and Alex’s Hump ’N’ Grind party to get our humping and grinding on to the filthiest RnB, hip hop and soul jams. The floor was bouncing and the walls were sweating as the venue hit capacity by 8pm. 

With the Triple J crew bringing their finest to farewell Amelia Marshall as she heads off to Iceland, we got our sexy humpin’ vibes on with the likes of Linda Marigilano, Matt Okine, Alex Dyson, Kryan Wheatley, Shantan Wantan Iciban and a bunch of other J legends.

Special appearances from Adam and Rueben from Peking Duk, Thelma Plum, One Day DJs, The Delta Riggs, Asta, and I OH YOU DJs. 

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