We are currently looking for new photographers to join our busy team that we can help grow, and expand with us. Successful applicants will be emailed within the week.

Name *
What is your @handle?
Availability: *
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 9pm-3am these nights, every week, if you can’t do this, we don’t have space right now (this work is paid). Also need to be available at least 1 day a week to come into the office to work with us on a regular basis to help us move you and Voena forward (unpaid).
Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc ~ *We do have a preference for photographers who shoot Canon EOS and ask all photographers own their own full frame SLR, speedlite and lens capable of producing images at 24mm.
Don’t tell us about your experience, show us.
1-3 sentences explaining what you can bring, or what you want to bring.
OPTIONAL: We don’t care how long you’ve owned a camera, or how long you’ve been shooting, Voena does care where you want to be.
OPTIONAL: Show us 3-5 photographers whose style you admire, and explain what it is about their work.
OPTIONAL: Tell us about your 1 year goals, 3 year, 5 year (travel, study, work placement, career objectives), and how you see Voena and photography relating and helping with this.
OPTIONAL: Do you work in any other disciplines. I.E. Video, animation, painting, writing, illustration, graphic design, etc etc.