Oliver founded Voena after being inspired by a unique gap in the marketplace placed somewhere between Getty Images and VICE.

Oliver has worked as a digital producer for a variety of companies including Channel [V]. Most recently he was awarded a scholarship and a trip to NYC through General Assembly for his ongoing commitment to Voena.


Sam enjoys long walks on the beach, red wine, parties in the middle of nowhere and Sydney's underground scene.

He spends most of his time in his chateau in Northern France working profusely on his memoirs, during his spare time Sam works on the film script for a sci-fi action thriller based on his life.

Jack - Art Director

Jack has been shooting professionally since he was 16. Falling into some lucky work with General Pants Co, DDB, and various record labels, Jack ran with this opportunity and capitalised on it in a big way. In the past few years he has delved into the Music Industry, working as a music manager as well as creative director for a number of now prominent indie Australian acts. Having worked part-time in Marketing and as a Freelancer over the last 5 years, Jack uniquely straddles the business and art worlds. Jack's understanding of the music industry, brand and social media coupled with his skills as a photographer and filmmaker, make him a strong new asset to the Voena team.

Pat R - Production Manager


Anthony - Social Media Manager

Anthony’s evolution into photography has been a natural transition throughout his many art-making practices. After studying Visual Arts & Design, Anthony has hit the ground running, providing some extensive artistic influence to the team drawing from his background in painting and graphic design. 

After joining Voena as a fresh face at the back end of 2013 Anthony has gone on to working with some of the world’s most influential artist’s in his concert photography, to recently becoming Australia’s first published photographer in Street Dreams Magazine as well as completing advertising campaigns for Adidas, Spotify, and Schweppes. 

I draw a lot of influence from music and superheroes". Anthony’s strong love for music was what first prompted him to come across our radar, however his love of comics and movies is something evident within his distinct artistic approach, which sometimes transcends realism, and delves in to the world of composite photography. “My world, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, and my job is to put the pieces together the best I can to evoke something to the viewer. I want people to wonder how it was taken”. 

Needless to say, the future is looking bright as Anthony is working towards integrating more of his stylistic traits within Voena.


Adrienne is one of Voena's founding members and also youngest. That however has not stopped her work being featured internationally as both a graphic designer for Steve Aoki, and Electronic Daisy Carnival and locally as a photographer for Channel [V].

She is passionate about illustration and animation. She can be found hidden amongst her concept art books coming up with new ideas.

Adrienne is currently studying a bachelor of Media Arts at Sydney's College of Fine Arts. 

Andrew - Photographer

As a teenager travelling through Europe, Andrew was adamant to not capture the same images as everyone else, to always strive in capturing that which commonly went unseen.

After being with Voena for over 2 years, Andrews premeditative style of shooting aims to create new scenarios, not just capture existing ones and throw things into a new light.

In a medium that is constantly changing, Andrews drive to be outside the norm sees him not only fit into the Voena team, but to constantly push its boundaries outside the realms of normal.


Ari found his passion for photography after a trip to Europe realised his talents with a camera. After studying visual arts and graphic design at university, Ari turned to the team at Voena to focus on his growth within the industry.

A keen eye for fashion sees Ari dominate the editorial space as well as his event and music work being featured by artists such as Drake on his recent Australian tour. Ari would like to build on his work within the fashion world and hopefully one day make this his primary area of expertise.

Cai - Photographer


Daisy - Photographer

Daisy made the move to Sydney from Brisbane in 2013 for a change of pace and a fresh spin on her career. 

When working in store for General Pants Co. she managed to land herself a permanent gig shooting for GP's online store as their Studio Assistant.

One of Voena’s newest members, Daisy has experience in shooting a range of club settings as well as in editorial work where she styles most of her shoots.

Ultimately, Daisy would like to see herself move towards Creative Directing as well as sticking to her roots in the Fashion Industry.